Managing Send From Emails

Step-by-step guide to adding and managing Send From Emails in Concord.

When your customers take certain actions within the Privacy Center, such as submitting compliance requests, they will receive communications generated by Concord, such as emails providing verification codes or confirming a received request.

  • The default address for each newly created Project is (Concord Support).

You may want to choose a different address and sender name that is in line with your company’s customer support or privacy teams. This can be accomplished by configuring Send From Emails.

Adding and using a new Send From Email is an easy two step process:

1. Add a new Send From Email (instructions below).

2. Assign a Send From Email to a specific project. For information on assigning Send From Emails to a Project, see Assigning Send From Emails to Projects

3. (Optional) DMARC/DKIM Setup. If you want this setup, please contact us at to assist you with the process.

Adding Send From Emails

1. You can add, edit, and delete Send From Emails in the Email section under Global Settings.

2. To add a send from email, click on the Add Email button on the top right.

Send From Email

3. Enter a name. This is the sender name your end users will see attached to email communications.

4. Enter an email address. This is the address that your end users will receive email communications from.

Add Send From Email

5. Click Ok. Your new Send From Email will now show a “Pending” status in the Send From Emails table.

Send From Email - Pending

6. Check the corresponding email account for your verification link. Click the link to verify your email address.

7. You will be brought back to the Admin UI with a notice that your email has been successfully verified. Click the Back Home button to return to the project dashboard. You are now able to assign your new Send From Email to a Project.

Send From Email - Email Successfully Verified

Editing Send From Emails

To edit a Send From Email, click on the Edit button to the right of the desired email. Update the Name and click the Ok button.

Send From Email - Edit

Any changes made to the Send From Email will appear across all associated Projects.

Deleting Send From Emails

To delete a Send From Email, click the Delete button to the right of the desired email. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Send From Email - Delete

After deleting a Send From Email, any Projects associated with that email will revert back to using as the Send From Email.