Adding Projects

How to add new Projects to your Organization.

  • Concord uses Projects as the basic unit of deployment and configuration.
  • This article provides instructions on adding a new project to your Organization.
  • To learn more about how projects work, refer to this article: Projects Overview

Step 1: Add a Project

  • Login to Concord’s Admin UI.
  • If this is your first login, a website project setup wizard will automatically start.
    Otherwise, click on Global Settings and Add Project. This will launch the Project Wizard.
Concord Admin UI Add Project

Step 2: Name the Project and Add the Domain

  • Give your Project a descriptive name. Should you believe you will need multiple Projects (for example, because you have many different websites that may require different configurations) it is advisable to establish a systematic naming convention.
  • List the domain with which the Project will be associated. The UI will confirm if you have entered a properly formatted domain. It is not necessary to prepend “http://” or “https://” to your domain.
Concord Admin UI Add Project Name and Domain

Step 3: Link to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

  • Input a valid URL that links to your online Privacy Policy. Note that in this case, you will have to prepend “http://” or “https://”.
  • (Optional) Input a valid URL that links to your Terms of Service if your site has one. Note that in this case, you will have to prepend “http://” or “https://”.
Concord Admin UI Add Project Disclosures

Step 4: Choose the Color for Your Privacy Center Widget (Optional)

  • Choose a color that will be used for your Privacy Center website widget.
  • ~You can either choose a new pre-existing color by clicking on any of the default colors shown or you can input a Hexadecimal color value (for example: “#22194D”).
  • ~If you do not know the proper Hexadecimal color value for your desired branding, you may search online for “hexadecimal color picker” to find free tools for choosing a color and finding its hexadecimal value.
Concord Admin UI Add Project Colors

Step 5: Upload a Logo (Optional)

  • Click on the logo icon and navigate to your saved logo file.
  • ~Logo file size is limited 512KB.
  • ~Logos are restricted to .png formats.
  • ~There are no height or width restrictions, but logos are resized in the widget to a max-height of 40px so 40px is the preferred height.
Concord Admin UI Add Project Logo

Step 6: Input Email Addresses for Project Notifications (Optional)

  • Emails can be added to your Project under Additional Notification Email(s). Those emails receive notifications for that Project and should typically be used for catch-all emails vs. notifications for specific users (as all users added to a project can instead manage their own notification settings without being added to the Additional Notification Email(s) section).
Concord Admin UI Add Project Notification Email(s)
  • Click Done when complete. You have configured your Project.