Adding & Managing API Keys

Learn how to generate and manage secure API keys with for integration with other services like CRMs, CDPs, and your help desk software.

  • You can add, edit, and delete API keys by going to Global Settings → API Keys.
  • You can change the API Key’s name and permissions.

Concord Admin UI - Manage API Keys

How to Add an API Key

1. To add an API key, click on the Add API Key button.

2. Choose a friendly name for the API Key. Concord typically recommends you use the name of the application for which the API key will be created.

3. Select a permissions role for this API key for the Concord app. Your choices are:

  • Admin: An Admin API key has full rights to everything in an Organization.
  • Limited: A Limited API key has read only rights to all projects plus the ability to add or edit individual compliance requests

Concord Admin UI - Add API Key

How to Edit an API Key

To edit an API key, click the Edit button for the specific API key you’d like to change.

Concord Admin UI - Edit API Key

How to Delete an API Key

To delete an API key, click on the Delete button for the specific API key you’d like to remove.

CAUTION: Be certain no external applications require this API key for proper functionality.

Concord Admin UI - Delete API Key