Connecting Data Systems to a Project

How to connect Data Systems to a specific Project.

This article provides instructions on connecting Data Systems to a specific Project. For more information on Data Systems, you can take a look at the following articles:

Connecting Data Systems to a Project

Before associating Data Systems with a specific Project, you must first add those systems to your organization. To learn more about adding a new Data System, refer to the Adding Data Systems article above. Once your organization has created at least one Data System, follow the steps below to connect your Data System(s) to a Project.

  • Click on the Global Settings drop-down menu and choose Projects.
Concord Admin UI Projects
  • Click Edit next to the Project you would like to connect your Data Systems to.
Concord Admin UI Projects Select Project to Edit
  • From the Data Systems selector, select the Data Systems associated with this Project. You can only select Data Systems that have already been added to your Organization. To remove Data Systems, click X next to the system or uncheck the Data System from the drop-down selector.Click OK.
Concord Admin UI Projects Edit Project

  • Click Ok.