Meet Concord

Data Privacy Simplified

One platform for compliance and privacy-first data collection.

Why Concord?

Our privacy-first platform helps build trust-based relationships between people and companies that benefit everyone. With Concord, companies get compliance plus better data and engagement. People receive privacy-protected control, better experiences, and other incentives for engaging with companies.

Privacy & Compliance

For People

Privacy & Security

Concord gives people access to data privacy and control tools that work across companies, providing them an easier way to manage their preferences across the internet.

For Companies

Trust & Compliance

Compliance with regulations like CCPA and GDPR doesn't just mean cookie consent. Concord’s full-featured consent and compliance management tools enable companies to avoid the legal peril of current and future legislation while building trust with their users.

Data & Preferences

For People

Ownership & Control

People get cross-site control over their data and preferences. Sharing and usage preferences can always be easily adjusted, and consent can always be viewed or changed.

For Companies

Better Data & Integration

Companies get richer additive data collection via simple-to-implement user-facing tools. Additive data that is collected can be easily fed into existing technology tools.

Loyalty & Engagement

For People

Experiences & Incentives

When people choose to share data with the companies that they trust, they get access to better experiences, including better personalization and other incentives.

For Companies

Trust & Results

Transparency, privacy controls, and better customer experiences ensure that trust is established, which reduces abandonment, drives higher engagement, and leads to real results.

Platform Features

Consent Management

Capture, store, and retrieve any type of user consent, like newsletter sign-ups, text message opt-ins, cookie consent options, and other opt-in/opt-out events.

Compliance Management

Easily handle data privacy requests, including Data Subject Access Requests, which are required by privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Privacy Center Widget

Give your users quick access to their data privacy options with our customizable website and mobile application ready privacy center.

The Latest In Security

Protect your company and your users with a platform built using modern security software, including blockchain technology.

Cookie Consent Controls (Coming Soon)

Capture and manage cookie consent with user controls, cookie scanning, categorization, blocking, and geo targeting.

Data Residency (Coming Soon)

Avoid legal risk and fines by selecting data storage regions for Concord data and other customer data like PII.

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