Consent & Trust
Transparency and control drive loyalty

Privacy and preference controls ensure that trust is established with your users, which reduces abandonment, drives higher engagement, and leads to real business results.

User Preferences & Privacy Controls

Quickly build trust and loyalty with your users with our single line of code consent management and privacy center implementation.

Modern Design & Easy Customization

Privacy tools should promote engagement and not detract from the look and feel of your website or apps. Concord is beautiful out of the box and is easily customized.

Compliance & Protection
Your company and your data is at risk

Compliance with regulations like CPRA and GDPR doesn't just mean cookie consent. Concord’s full-featured data privacy platform enables you to avoid the legal peril of current and future legislation.

Data Mapping & Compliance Records

Our guided data mapping and documentation experience makes it easy to get to full compliance in hours not months, enabling a single source of truth for your organization.

Compliance Automation & Workflows

Concord integrates with hundreds of different data systems to enable powerful and more efficient workflows for handling data privacy requests.

Power & Simplicity
Easier compliance with global regulations

Complying with global data privacy regulations can be daunting, often requiring numerous consultants and constant upkeep and maintenance. Concord was built to make things easier.

Real-Time Scanning & Blocking

Our no-code approach to consent helps you quickly comply with global data privacy regulations like GDPR by automatically blocking the right trackers before consent is received. Our library of trackers and real-time scanning helps you stay compliant

Identity Verification & Security

We prioritize security via automated user identity verification for all requests. The branded privacy portal leverages this verification, ensuring that users can securely and effortlessly access their data during the fulfillment process.

Privacy Drives Protection & Better Bottom Line Business Results


Consent Management

Capture and manage user consent with flexible consent capture, user controls, real-time scanning and categorization, auto-blocking, and full audit trails of user consent.


Privacy Request Handling

Easily handle data privacy requests, often called Data Subject Access Requests, which are required by privacy regulations like GDPR and CPRA.


Unified Privacy Center

A branded user-facing consent banner and unified privacy portal can be quickly added to your website and helps you stay ahead of evolving global data privacy regulations.


Data Mapping

Easily comply with data privacy documentation requirements using our guided data mapping experience to create a single source of truth for your organization.


Engagement & Results

Drive better data and real business results by building trust with your users via transparency and control.


Detailed Compliance Logs

Get quick access to consent and privacy request data and maintain logs for internal reporting, audits, and compliance purposes.

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