Data ownership and control for people.
Results and protection for brands.

Concord is a new way to protect privacy while benefiting both people and the brands they engage with.

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Our privacy-first solutions are built around creating trust based relationships between people and brands that benefit everyone. With Concord, brands can get better data and engagement from their users by giving them the right data ownership tools, preference controls, and incentives that promote sharing. People receive privacy-protected data ownership, control, and rewards for engaging with the brands they choose to engage with. It's the way it should be and everyone wins.



Privacy protection for people.

Concord gives people access to free data privacy and control tools that work across brands, providing them an easier way to manage their preferences across the internet, while also enabling them to move towards personal data ownership and trust-based rewards should they choose to.


Trust and compliance for brands.

Regulation and compliance with legislation like CCPA and GDPR doesn't just mean cookie consent. People also have the right to ask for complete copies of their data or to ask for their data to be deleted. Concord’s consent management and compliance tools enable brands to avoid the legal peril of current and future legislation while also building trust with their users.




Ownership and preference controls for people.

People get access to their own secured personal Data Vault that only they have the keys to. They get cross-site/brand management of personal and behavioral data and preferences, allowing them to choose what data is shared and with who. Sharing and usage preferences can always be easily adjusted and consent can always be viewed, updated, or revoked.


Better data and easy setup for brands.

Brands get richer additive data collection via simple-to-implement user facing tools. Additive data that is collected can be easily fed into existing technology tools and it makes it easy for brands to provide mutually beneficial sharing and consent options to users, gaining invaluable data without violating privacy.




Better experiences and rewards for people.

When people choose to share data with the brands that they trust, they get access to a number of different rewards options, including better personalization, cashable rewards points, coupons, and other benefits.


Flexible incentives and higher engagement for brands.

Our flexible rewards system for brands is simple to setup and provides the ability to serve up any combination of personalization and rewards options to users to encourage trusted data sharing.

For People

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For Brands


Our Personal Data Platform (PDP) is the core that powers all of our products by enabling cross-brand data and preference controls for people and easy to implement regulation ready tools for brands that encourage sharing.

A Vault For Personal Data

People get access to their own personal data vault and they always have complete control over what, if anything, is shared and when.

Rewards For Sharing Data

People get rewarded when they choose to share information with brands for analytics, advertising, or more relevant content.

The Latest In Security

We use the latest blockchain technology to secure data in order to protect people and the brands that they engage with.

Better Data, Better Experiences

Brands get access to data that is generated and approved by people, increasing accuracy and decreasing costs, while enabling them to improve people's experiences with better personalization.

Cross-Channel Intelligence

As we are all actually in control of our own data, brands finally get access to cross-channel and cross-network data that has always been elusive.

A Better Internet

With data provided directly from the people that brands serve, coupled with real transparency and oversight, we all finally have the power to build a better internet together.

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