Guided Data Mapping & Single Source of Truth.
Clarity + Authority.

Most privacy regulations require companies to maintain a comprehensive inventory of all the data they have about people and how that data is used. Our guided data mapping experience makes it easy to add and document the systems that you currently use at your organization, enabling a single source of truth. Once your data systems are configured, they can then be used for internal reporting, compliance documentation, and the handling of data privacy requests.

Hundreds of Systems & Automated Workflows. Integration + Automation.

When configuring your data systems, pick from the large list of systems that we support out-of-the-box or easily add your own custom systems. Configured data systems also enable powerful, more efficient automated workflows for handling verified data privacy requests from users (get a copy of my data, change my data, delete my data, or do not sell my data requests). To learn more about our currently supported systems, take a look at our integrations section.

Detailed Reporting & Global Privacy Compliance.
Reporting + Compliance.

Our guided data mapping experience includes an expansive list of common data system attributes to make the data mapping process easy and to enable robust regulation ready reporting. This rich set of attributes supports reporting like GDPR’s Record of Processing Activities, and includes the data system relationship, origins, destinations, processing purposes, processing activities, data categories, security measures, cross border data flows, and contacts.