Enhancing the Modern Ecommerce Experience

Concord is changing the way ecommerce retailers attract new prospects and engage with existing customers by offering regulation-compliant privacy controls, better data collection, incentives, and increased loyalty.

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Ecommerce Benefits

How privacy controls, data ownership, and rewards enhance the ecommerce retailer experience.


We help you adhere to today’s modern data compliance standards with our regulation-compliant privacy and consent features.

Better Data

Get access to better data from your users, including data that has been hard or impossible to get in the past.

Rewards & Incentives

Promote accurate and up-to-date data sharing and brand engagement with our flexible reward and incentive options.

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by giving people transparency and access to a mutually beneficial way to share information that respects privacy.

Protect Your Brand & Users

Build Trust & Loyalty

Maximize Engagement & Revenue

Our Process

How we enable you to get up and running quickly. We use a five step process to help ensure that your company is protected going forward, while also making sure that you and your customers can start to benefit from privacy protected data sharing as soon as possible.

Step 1. Discovery

We evaluate your customer journey and data practices to help you design and implement privacy-compliant data-driven sales and marketing processes that are built around better performance.


Step 2. Compliance

Regulatory compliance requires more than updated privacy policies and cookie consent popups. We add improved auditability and the customer data request features required under CCPA, GDPR, and other regulation.


Step 3. Consent

The cost of compliance is estimated to reach $55B largely due to the cost of bringing existing data into compliance. Consent records and controls for your users build trust & loyalty, while also helping you decrease compliance costs.


Step 4. Data

Progressive data collection via our privacy-first smart forms and data vault technology helps brands obtain new and more accurate information that is validated by customers. People have control over the data that is shared, further building trust and driving better results.


Step 5. Incentives

Incentives encourage better engagement and increased loyalty by rewarding people when they add new information or update existing data. This helps solve many of the problems faced by brands today by creating a mutually beneficial way to exchange information.


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