Adding Concord to Your Website

Quickly deploy Concord to your website with a single line of code.

  • You can add Concord to your website to enable the use of the Concord Site Client Library and the Concord Privacy Center website widget.
  • Our Site Client Library allows you to easily capture consent events on your website, while Privacy Center allows you to give your users access to our simple-to-understand data privacy information and controls.
  • Adding Concord to your website is as simple as copying the single line of code displayed in the Embed Code tab in Deployment → Deploy Settings → Embed Code section of the Concord admin interface.
Concord Admin UI Deployment Deploy Settings Embed Code
  • From the Embed Code tab, click the “copy” icon to the right of the embed code box. Have your website developers add that right after the <head> tag on your website. It should be above all other scripts to ensure full compliance (when blocking mode is set to strict and consent mode is set to express).