Managing Projects

Concord uses Projects as the basic unit of deployment and configuration. This article provides instructions on managing existing Projects. To learn more about how projects work, refer to this article: Projects Overview

How to Edit an Existing Project

1. Click on the Project Settings drop-down menu and choose Projects.

2. Click Edit to the right of your desired Project.

3. From this screen you will be able to edit Project details such as:

  • Project Name
  • Project Status
    • Active
    • Test
    • Archived
  • Send From Email
  • Additional Notification Email(s)
  • Data Systems

4. Click Ok.

How to Archive a Project

Archiving a project marks it as inactive, but maintains all configurations and settings for archival purposes. Any project that has been archived can be retrieved by changing its status to “active” or “test.”

1. Click on the Project Settings dropdown menu and choose Projects.

2. Expand Project details by clicking on the + to the left of your desired Project.

3. Click Archive.

4. At the prompt, confirm by clicking Ok.

The Admin UI will display a message letting you know the Project has successfully been archived.

Viewing Archived Projects

1. In the Project Status column, click the filter icon.

2. Select Archived and click OK