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February 12, 2024

Product Release: Geographic Regions & Website Experience Editor

Concord recently release the following new features: Advanced customization of the end user experience (consent banner, privacy center, etc.) by geographical region and a new and improved website experience editor. The new features allow organizations to customize the end user experience based on the geographical location of the user and to preview the consent banner and floating button settings in real-time. The update also includes various performance improvements and fixes.

Regions: Advanced Customization of the End User Experience by Geographical Location

Our latest regions release gives organizations advanced control over the end user experience (consent banner, Privacy Center, etc.) shown to each individual user based on their current location (region, country, state/province, etc.). This makes it easy to fully customize the privacy experience based on regional data privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA/CPRA. Some highlights of this release include:

  • Regions hierarchy configuration and setup within deployment.
  • Ability to customize all available project settings by region (branding, consent settings, website experience, etc.).
  • Updated breadcrumb selector that now includes a region selector when you are on a page that supports region customization.
  • Real-time user identification via the site widget/client and delivery of the correct experience to the user based on the user's location and the settings above.

In three easy steps, organizations can configure regional settings and deploy the changes to your production environment with no code changes to your website.

1. Select from common templates like GDPR and United States or create a custom template.

2. Select the region(s) from the predefined list.

3. Lastly, name your region and confirm the consent mode, blocking mode, do not sell setting, and global privacy control setting for that region. Any other project settings can also be later adjusted per region (branding, consent settings, website experience, etc.).

Website Experience Editor: New Consent Banner & Floating Button Previews

Concord now offers a new and improved interactive website experience editor where you can customize and preview the consent banner and floating button functionality in real-time prior to publishing any changes to your website.

Website Experience: Configuring the Consent Banner

Customize your consent banner settings (position, theme, text, buttons, etc.) and get a real-time preview the look and feel of your consent banner prior to deployment.

Website Experience: Privacy Center & Floating Button

Choose and preview button position, button theme, button type, and button icon styling.