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June 29, 2021

Patent Approval & Filings

Concord receives patent approvals for innovative consent & compliance solutions; now has 17 claims approved and 20 more pending.
Concord’s patent portfolio grows, with 17 claims approved and 20 more pending

Concord’s position as an innovator in the data privacy industry continues to grow as evidenced by its valuable and growing patent portfolio. The company received approval in 2021 for 17 patent claims filed in 2018, with three more via a divisional patent. These initial patents—User Control of Anonymized Profiling Data Using Public and Private Blockchains in a Digital Ad Marketplace—relate to the capture and use of user consent, including the ability to withdraw consent and automate data compliance.

“Concord's solutions allow users to see and manage their consent related to access of their personal data, while enabling companies to automate compliance and build better relationship with their users. Our solution also integrates with ad marketplaces and can protect anonymity and privacy throughout. We are proud to receive patent approvals for these innovations, and we look forward to growing our portfolio with further technology innovations that will help build a privacy-oriented data economy,” said Concord CEO Dash Lavine.

Concord has recently extended its focus on innovation by filing an additional 20 patent claims relating to how personal data can be secured and protected for privacy and ownership while enabling companies to utilize that data within common customer data stores. These patent claims—Decentralized Consent Network for Decoupling the Storage of Personally Identifiable User Data from User Profiling Data—were filed in June 2020 and are pending approval.

Concord’s patent portfolio is managed by Ideaship, a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America that helps start-ups achieve maximum enterprise value and accelerate a first mover advantage.