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September 15, 2021

Dcode Program Acceptance

Concord selected to participate in exclusive Dcode accelerator, a competitive program that helps top emerging tech companies break into and scale in the federal market.

Concord announced its acceptance into Dcode Accelerate, a competitive program designed to help top emerging tech companies break into and scale in the federal market successfully. Concord will work closely with Dcode to develop its federal strategy and connect with key government leaders to make modernizing data management approachable and scalable.

“We are excited to join this elite program, especially because government-ready product is a key focus for us as a company,” said Concord CEO Dash Lavine. “As more government agencies are focusing on modernizing their data practices, the Dcode accelerator presents a unique opportunity for Concord to align our solution with the needs of government.”

To stay competitive globally, strengthen national security, and best serve Americans, the U.S. government needs to be working with the most cutting-edge tech companies in the private sector that can help improve mission outcomes. Dcode selected Concord through a rigorous vetting process, designed to identify tech companies that have strong potential to succeed in the federal market.

“We’re seeing increased demand from the government and tech companies looking to work together, but not all commercial tech companies are equipped to support government missions,” said Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger. “Dcode Accelerate not only helps tech companies, it also helps government agencies find the best tech companies that are fully vetted and equipped for the federal market.”

Concord joins Dcode’s esteemed portfolio of emerging tech companies, including Hyperscience, Trifacta, HYAS, and DataRobot, that collectively have raised over $12 billion in venture capital funding. To date, Dcode has accelerated more than 100 high-growth commercial tech companies into the federal market, driving hundreds of new tech implementations in government and millions in federal contracts

Dcode Accelerate runs on Dcode’s community and e-learning platform, Nexus. Through Nexus, Concord will receive one-on-one advisory support from the Dcode team and regular live, virtual sessions with Dcode and industry experts to advise their federal strategy.

The platform, Nexus, includes curriculum on government use case matching, pricing and marketing, developing channel and direct sales strategies, and managing complex government security and compliance requirements as well as access to Dcode’s ever-expanding community of tech companies, government leaders, venture capitalists, and industry partners. With community at its core, Dcode Accelerate enables companies to engage and learn from each other while identifying teaming opportunities to solve key government use cases.