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April 6, 2020

ConsenSys & PegaSys Hyperledger Besu Partnership

Concord partners with ConsenSys & PegaSys to drive the data privacy revolution forward.

Concord announced today that it has partnered with ConsenSys & PegaSys to leverage their blockchain technology, Hyperledger Besu, within Concord’s data privacy platform. This platform is an enterprise solution that will help companies easily add data privacy capabilities to their websites and applications in a way that adds incentive for people to better engage with the companies that they trust.

“There is a massive data crisis today that is dramatically impacting both people and brands,” said Concord CEO Dash Lavine. “As a company that provides progressive privacy-first solutions to that crisis, blockchain technology is a foundational component that helps us enable real trust, transparency, and control. The blockchain industry is also rapidly evolving, so it was very important for us to make the right technology and partnership choice when we reviewed the top enterprise solutions in the market.”

Concord selected ConsenSys & PegaSys because they are strong technical partners and their solutions provide a number of important features for companies looking to truly leverage blockchain technology at scale. Their enterprise ready Hyperledger Besu product is leading the way in areas like permissioning, privacy, and consensus algorithms.

As a member of the PegaSys Partner Program, Concord gains close collaboration with the ConsenSys and PegaSys teams and early access to new enterprise blockchain features and functionality.