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July 6, 2023

Concord Privacy News: 7/6/23

Concord graduates from the Creative Destruction Lab Program; what companies & consumers need to know about the MOVEit data hack; in other news, plaintiffs lawyers in Facebook data privacy case seek $181 million in fees, US vendor accused of violating GDPR by reputation-scoring EU citizens.

Concord Graduates Creative Destruction Lab Program

Concord is excited to announce our graduation from the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) 2022/2023 Compute Stream at the University of British Columbia. CDL is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable technology and science companies. The program involves mentorship from select entrepreneurs and angel investors, advice on technology roadmaps from CDL’s Chief Scientists, and business development support from top students. Throughout the program, Concord executives worked with these mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of R&D. Many thanks to the CDL team, mentors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs who provided advice and feedback on our continuing efforts to refine Concord's go-to-market strategies and our engagement with existing and future clients and investors.

Massive MOVEit Data Hack - What Companies & Consumers Need to Know

The list of organizations impacted by the hack of MOVEit — a tool used by corporations and enterprises to share large files over the internet — continues to grow. Those impacted include federal agencies, state government agencies, and corporations. While we may not know the full extent of targeted organizations and impacted data, there are several steps consumers can take now to protect themselves.

Even companies who aren’t impacted by this data breach should be paying attention. When millions of people’s personal data is compromised, trust in any type of personal data sharing is at risk. This means companies must take data privacy seriously if they want to build trust with their customers and drive marketing results.

Concord can help by providing a free assessment of your company’s data privacy risk and exposure, website health and security, and adherence with regional data laws. Sign up for your free data privacy review today.

Other Privacy News of Note

Plaintiffs Lawyers in Facebook Data Privacy Case Seek $181 Million in Fees

Plaintiffs' lawyers have asked a San Francisco federal judge to award more than $181 million in legal fees as part of a $725 million data privacy settlement with Facebook parent company Meta Platforms (META.O) resolving claims over sharing of user information with third parties. The lawyers said in the filing that the $725 million settlement is the largest data-privacy recovery in history and the largest private settlement Facebook has ever agreed to. Class counsel worked more than 149,000 hours on the case over nearly five years, they said. Read more.

US Vendor Accused of Violating GDPR by Reputation-Scoring EU Citizens

A US-based fraud prevention company is in hot water over allegations it not only collected data from millions of EU citizens and processed it using automated tools without their knowledge, but that it did so in the United States, all in violation of the EU's data protection rules.

The complaint was filed by Austrian privacy advocacy group noyb and claims that TeleSign, through its former Belgian parent company BICS, secretly collected data on cellphone users around the world. That data, noyb alleges, was fed into an automated system that generates "reputation scores" that TeleSign sells to its customers, which includes TikTok, Salesforce, Microsoft and AWS, among others, for verifying the identity of a person behind a phone number and preventing fraud. Read more.