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March 5, 2024

Concord Privacy News: 3/5/24

Concord launches new affiliate program; Biden issues Executive Order on data privacy; Maine could have the strongest data privacy law in the nation; Temu faces class action lawsuit over data privacy concerns.

Concord Launches Affiliate Program

Concord recently launched an affiliate program, making it easy for companies to earn with every referral. To join, you can sign up quickly at to access your partner dashboard and get a unique referral link. From there, just share your unique referral link to introduce Friends of Concord to your audience. For every new customer you refer, you’ll earn an ongoing 20% commission for any new purchases for 18 months. Sign up today and benefit from competitive commissions and an easy-to-use tracking system.

President Biden Issues Executive Order to Protect Americans’ Sensitive Personal Data

On February 28, 2024, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order aimed at fortifying the protection of American’s most sensitive personal data, including genomic data, biometric data, personal health data, geolocation data, financial data, and certain kinds of personally identifiable information.

In announcing the Executive Order, the White House didn’t mince words in calling out an issue that has become increasingly common and problematic: that companies are collecting more of Americans’ data than ever before, and it is often legally sold and resold through data brokers. In response, the order outlines a comprehensive framework to prevent the misuse of Americans' personal information.

The order directs the Department of Justice to issue regulations that establish protections for Americans’ sensitive personal data, as well as sensitive government-related data. The order also advocates for stronger data privacy laws, empowering individuals with greater control over their data. In addition, the President continues to urge Congress to pass comprehensive bipartisan privacy legislation, especially to protect the safety of children.

Other Privacy News of Note

Maine Could Have Strongest Data Privacy Law in Nation if Bill Passes

Maine’s legislature is working on a data privacy bill that, if it passes in the face of opposition from the private sector, could become the strongest data privacy law in the nation. The legislation, also known as the Data Privacy and Protection Act, was introduced last year after a competing data privacy bill was proposed in Maine. Privacy advocates say the private sector’s support of the competing bill is because it’s modeled after ineffective “comprehensive” data privacy laws that have been enacted in other states. Read more.

Temu Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit in Illinois Over Data Privacy Concerns

Customers seek great deals from online discount retailer Temu. However, a class-action lawsuit claims Temu is getting a lot more in return, with shoppers often unaware of the company's data collection/sharing policies and activity. The complaint was filed in Illinois in November by the Hagens Berman law firm on behalf of seven named plaintiffs from Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and Virginia -- as well as unnamed others similarly situated. The lawsuit alleges Temu violates its customer's privacy rights by collecting private data and using "deceptive" and "unscrupulous" practices to access that data. Read more.