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January 12, 2023

Concord Privacy News: 1/12/23

Concord launches improved consent management controls; Why data privacy should matter to marketers; TikTok & Microsoft under fire in regards to data privacy.

Concord Launches Improved Consent Management Controls As Part of Its Consent & Compliance Solution

Concord’s latest product release includes new powerful and flexible consent management options, including:

  • Automatic Cookie & Script Blocking: Using our no code approach coupled with our exhaustive trackers library of first and third party cookies, scripts, and more, Concord automatically blocks the trackers that should not be run prior to consent. This provides full regulatory compliance with regulations like GDPR and CPRA.
  • Fully Customizable Consent Banner & Controls: Easily customize the look and feel of your consent management banner, including custom branding options, banner location, light/dark mode, and the text shown to your users. Users can choose to accept all categories, deny all categories, or to customize their choices by category (Strictly Necessary, Functional, Marketing, Analytics, & Unclassified).
  • Real-Time Tracker Scanning & Classification for Cookies & Scripts: We scan and add any trackers seen on your websites in real-time as people visit your site (cookies, scripts, and more). These trackers are automatically classified by type using our global tracker library and unrecognized trackers can be easily categorized within Concord. This avoids the need for manual or scheduled scans often required in other tools.
  • Integrated Privacy Center Experience: After a user engages with the consent management banner, consent controls are available within in our integrated privacy center experience, which provides full transparency to your users, including easy access to your policies and their personal consent history, full regulatory compliance via the ability for end users to submit Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and full consent management controls that enable you to re-engage with users that may have opted out in the past.
  • Full Audit Trails of Consent: We provide full audit trails of user consent and compliance activity, enabling you to correctly maintain a history of activity reporting and compliance purposes.

With the addition of these features, Concord further rounds out its Consent & Compliance product, providing you with a powerful all-in-one solution. If you aren’t already a customer, get started today at

Why Data Privacy Should Matter to Marketers

In a digital world, marketing cannot succeed without knowing what interests people, what attracts people, what people need, and what people want. Yet, consumers are increasingly demanding ownership of their personal data, data privacy regulations continue to emerge, and third-party cookies are seemingly on their way out. And, as consumer data continues to decay, companies are turning to machine learning to attempt to prop up poor results, but artificial intelligence is entirely dependent on available data.

The good news is that there are ways for marketers to collect the right data from their users at the right time — ways that don’t sacrifice the privacy and security of consumers. For many marketers, third-party data remains the standard. In order to maintain privacy with third-party data, that data must be permitted, or opted in, by the consumer.

An even better approach for marketers is using first-party data. The problem is that people are less likely in today’s age to provide data when asked, and often provide fake or inaccurate data when prompted. The solution? Engaging with consumers in a privacy-first manner by giving consumers control over what data they share and providing incentives. If consumers are given the right data ownership tools, preference controls, and incentives that promote sharing, both parties benefit. Learn more about how Concord is helping drive a personal consent economy forward.

Other Privacy News of Note

EU Leaders Fire Warning Shots at TikTok Over Privacy

European Commission officials on Tuesday warned TikTok's CEO to respect EU laws and work on "regaining [the] trust of European regulators," as the Chinese-owned firm faces growing criticism over privacy. "I count on TikTok to fully execute its commitments to go the extra mile in respecting EU law and regaining [the] trust of European regulator," said European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová in a statement after meeting with TikTok chief Shou Zi Chew in Brussels. Read more.

Microsoft Fined $64 Million by French Data Watchdog Over Cookies

Microsoft Corp. was hit with a €60 million ($64 million) fine by France’s privacy watchdog over the way it manages cookies on its search engine and was ordered to make them more customer friendly. CNIL, France’s data protection authority said it carried out several checks on the website in September 2020 and May 2021 and “found that when a user visited this site, cookies were deposited on his terminal without his consent, even though they were used for advertising purposes.” Read more.