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December 31, 2022

Product Release: Integrated Zapier Experiences, Zapier Updates, Shopify App, & New Developer Docs

Integrated Zapier experience, our new Shopify app, and our updated developer docs experience for both our Privacy API and our Site API.

Integrated Zapier Experience & Zapier Updates

A core part of modern sales and marketing is utilizing privacy-by-design patterns to collect user data in a compliant and transparent way, as doing so drives trust with your prospects and customers, while enabling much better data and business results over time. As compliance management platforms are typically the initial gate when it comes to data collection, a large focus of ours is making it as easy as possible to both comply with regulations and collect the right data at the right time. When it comes to integration with other systems, our goal is always to make it as simple as possible to feed data in and out of Concord, enabling you to send data to and from systems like CRMs, email marketing platforms, and customer data platforms. To further that goal, our latest Zapier release includes:

  • An integrated Zapier experience within Concord that allows you to easily connect Concord to over 3,000 applications, including Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, Microsoft, Oracle, & Shopify.
  • Multiple Zapier updates and the launch of our 2.0 Zapier integration, which works with the latest version of our APIs.

Shopify App

Our new Shopify app makes it simple to add Concord to your Shopify website, enabling all of our user facing consent and compliance features to our customers that utilize Shopify for their retail website experiences.

New Developer Docs Website

We have updated our developer documentation experience by rolling out our all new developer docs experience for both our Privacy API and our Site API. The new experience can be found here:

It pairs with our user facing docs and updates site that still lives here:

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved issue where data system icons where missing from certain views.
  • Fixed issue where compliance requests were missing request details when in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue that impacted editing and saving changes to custom scripts.
  • Fixed issues related to site API functionality.
  • Fixed issue with the Organization Service that impacted email address visibility.
  • Fixed issue that impacted email address associated to new projects.