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June 30, 2022

Product Release: Data Mapping, Privacy Request Details via Email, & Owner Permissions

Expanded data mapping capabilities, the ability to receive copies of privacy requests via email, owner permissions, and a variety of other fixes and improvements.

Data Mapping

We expanded our data mapping capabilities to make it even easier for companies to build out a single source of truth for their organization when it comes to the data systems they use. While we still provide full customization options to meet the needs of the most advanced organizations, we have now added a much more expansive list of common selections across our list of available data system attributes. These include:

  • Relationship: Identifies the relationship of a given data system in regards to your company.
  • Origins: Where data from a data system originates from.
  • Destinations: Where data is sent to and who the data is shared with.
  • Processing Purposes: The categories of processing purposes that data in your data systems is used for.
  • Processing Activities: The specific activities associated with the data in your data systems.
  • Data Categories: The types of data that are stored in your data systems.
  • Security Measures: The security measures that are in place to protect your data systems.
  • Contacts: The contacts at your company or other companies associated with your data systems.

This new guided experience makes it easy to get to full compliance in hours vs. months and further rounds out our data mapping capabilities. This new experience pairs directly with the already existing large list of supported data systems that we support out of the box, which you can find via our integrations section. As always, you can easily add a custom data system within our Admin UI as well, but please reach out to us to let us know if there are any additional data systems that you would like to see added to the platform or if you are partner that is looking to be added to our platform.

Privacy Requests Details via Email

Our Privacy Center now enables users to receive a copy of their previously submitted Privacy Requests via email. This provides additional self-service features to end users, while still providing additional privacy protection when it comes to those requests.

Owner Permissions

We have started rolling out an enhancement to our users and roles functionality by adding a new permission type of Owner. Owners for an Organization will have the ability to access all the standard Admin features within Concord, but will also be able to manage billing, archive an organization, and assign new or additional organizational owners.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue that could occur with unique visitor calculations.
  • Added new read only treatment to better indicate built-in options within Data Systems.
  • Removed sensitive data from Site API display calls for additional privacy protection.
  • Fixed issue with multiple implied consent events sometimes being sent due to timing and fixed timing problem with consent event queries.
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to search for a data system by relationship.
  • Fixed issue where the send from email address updated date wasn't being correctly shown.
  • Fixed issue where consent types by a custom category was not returning results.
  • Enhancement to notifications to not trigger notifications for archived projects and notifications that have zero events to report.
  • Enhancement to have a global list of data system attributes that can be overridden and customized at the project level.
  • Fixed issue where a user would get "API request failed" error when saving incorrect JS syntax in Custom Script editor.
  • Fixed issue in the Admin UI where the reports date selector was not working correctly in limited cases.
  • Fixed issue in the Admin UI where the compliance Requests dashboard module didn't always update correctly right away.
  • Fixed issue in the Admin UI where users would sometimes receive a 400 error when attempting to edit certain Data Systems.
  • Fixed issue where updates to a data system could cause it to be removed from processing activities.
  • Fixed issue where all custom data systems were appearing as with a name of "Custom" in the Admin UI.
  • Added a number of new data system integrations.
  • Added personal data system categories to Data System summary and updated the order of Data System attributes.
  • Fixed display issue in Consent History.
  • Fixed issue where Do Not Sell requests were not appearing in the Compliance Request chart on the Admin UI dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where compliance requests were inaccurately being marked as resolved on save and close.
  • Fixed issue where new consent event requests were not displaying in the Concord widget unless the page was refreshed.
  • Removed older consent actions that are no longer needed.
  • Fixed issue where Compliance Request charts on the Admin UI dashboard was incorrectly reporting project data.
  • Added first round of new and improved end-to-end cypress tests.
  • Fixed issue where widget option toggle button was not working as expected.
  • Fixed issue where reports were not correctly reporting filtered data when exporting the report.