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October 21, 2021

Product Release: Data System, Do Not Sell, & Zapier Integration

Data systems for data mapping/compliance documentation purposes and for future functionality for easier handling of data privacy requests, configurable Do Not Sell option that can be added to Privacy Center, and the first general availability version of our Zapier integration for connecting to third party services.

Data Systems

Our new Data Systems functionality allows companies to easily add different Data Systems to their account. Data Systems will be used for data mapping and compliance reporting and will also be available for use in Projects to make it easier to handle data privacy requests. This functionality will be expanding quite a bit in the near future, and currently includes:

  • Added create, remove, update, and delete options for new Data Systems feature.
  • Updated project endpoints in the Privacy API to include Data Systems.
  • Added new Data System types and updated all of the Data System type logos.
  • Added the ability to add Data Systems to an organization under global settings in the Admin UI.
  • Added status to Data Systems.
  • Added additional Data Systems sort fields.
  • Enhancement to add grid view to Add Data Systems and Add Consent Types features.
  • Data Systems cleanup and look/feel updates.
  • Added logic to associated projects with Data Systems.

Do Not Sell

The new Do Not Sell feature allows companies to include a Do Not Sell option in any of their project level Privacy Center instances. This release includes:

  • Added Do Not Sell compliance request option to the Site API & Privacy API.
  • Added Do Not Sell configuration option to Site Config.
  • Added Do Not Sell feature to the Privacy Center.
  • Added new email templates for Do Not Sell compliance requests.
  • Added Do Not Sell filter options in the compliance requests table, including additional styling updates.
  • Fixed Do Not Sell enable/disable logic and styling updates.
  • Adjusted request type handling in compliance requests table to account for new Do Not Sell option.

Zapier Integration

Our first release of our Zapier Integration makes it easy to integrate Concord with over 3,000 apps, such as Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, Oracle, and Shopify. In Zapier, A Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together and every Zap consists of a trigger step and one or more action steps. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs. We have created predefined triggers and actions to make integrating your consent and compliance data an easy process. The currently available triggers and actions are:


  • New Consent Event
  • New Compliance Request


  • Add Consent Event
  • Add Compliance Request

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Added first name, last name, and phone number fields to Privacy Center compliance forms.
  • Added additional user fields to compliance requests in the Site API (first name, last name, and phone number).
  • Updated return codes in the Site API to follow REST norms.
  • Fixed issue with cross-site tracking in the Site Client Library when href is a page anchor.
  • Enhancement to set data and session refresh time in the Site Client Library to once every 15-minutes.
  • Added query filters and sort options for API keys, emails, consent types, projects, and organizations in the Privacy API.
  • Enhancement to how unique sessions are counted in the Reporting Service.
  • Removed same timezones enforcement from start and end time in the Reporting Service.
  • Reporting Service enhancement to initialize hourly summaries with compliance report status counts.
  • Fix to correct aggregation of multiple projects in the Reporting Service.
  • Enhancement to use input times to inform summarization on query summaries in the Reporting Service.
  • Enhancement to post consent event validation in the Privacy API to allow for numbers.
  • Added status to the to the consentType get and create endpoints in the Privacy API.
  • Added status to sort options and added date updated to consent types in the Privacy API.
  • Added first name, last name, and phone number to the Compliance Requests in the Privacy API.
  • Bug fixes in the Privacy API to resolve issues related to querying user notifications.
  • Enhancement to filter and sort functionality for get user notifications in the Privacy API.
  • Added sort to metrics endpoint in the Privacy API.
  • Added additional filters and sorts on emails, organizations, projects, domains, and API keys.
  • Fixed email mapping and user ID casing issues.
  • Updates to project email templates.
  • Added handling for email bounces and complaints.
  • Enhancements to better handle legacy email events in the queue.
  • Added mail verification and custom templates.
  • Updated discover identities to correctly handle lookups with no concordId provided.
  • Enhancement to handle of requests for previously merged identities.
  • Implementation of consent type archive feature.
  • Enhancement to sorting of consent events.
  • Added better defaults for key metrics queries.
  • Enhancement to allow for wildcard email searches vs. full email search only.
  • Updated formatting for Consent Types.
  • Added new and improved Compliance Request edit flow in the Admin UI.
  • Fixed issue with send from email verification link.
  • Added functionality to allow for day queries on consent and compliance requests.
  • Added ability to view archived/obsolete consent types including archiving/unarchiving.
  • Fixed permissions issues on Domains & Consent Types.
  • Fixed editor email permissions, organization and project pagination, and default filters on compliance request report.
  • Fixed bug related to editing compliance requests.
  • Update to disable form buttons for the duration of request, preventing users from clicking multiple times.
  • Update search handling for compliance requests to allow users to search by domain.
  • Fixes to update phone number formatting and validation.
  • Fix to handle redirects due to bad parameters.
  • Speed, performance, and usability updates to page URLs and routing.
  • Various fixes to site navigation and styling.
  • Moved Organizations to Global Settings.
  • Enabled sorting of key metrics.
  • Global Admin UI updates to convert dates to local time.
  • Fixed bug related to ConcordID searches.
  • Fix to change email confirmation form.
  • Replaced extra text across the application with tooltips and added new tooltips where needed. Internationalization updates.
  • Update to standardize the format of consent events returned from the Consent Service.
  • Enhancement to update password reset email copy.
  • Fixed date range handing for consent events and compliance requests.
  • Fixed default date handling so consent events report only shows current month by default.
  • Fixed bugs related to tooltip instructions and field validation.
  • Update to retry requests failed by auth prior to forwarding the error message.
  • Consent types icon updates.
  • Fixed pagination bug.
  • Fixed consent types subcategory max length bug.
  • Bug fixes to resolve issues related to API key and project queries.
  • Bug fix for send from email queries.
  • Bug fix for send from email link.
  • Bug fix to remove extra spacing from email template.
  • Bug fix for subcategory filter.
  • Enhancement to use common logger and standardized output.