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June 22, 2021

Product Release: Send From Emails, Cross-Site Tracking, & CSV Exports

Custom email address for emails delivered to users, our new cross-site domain tracking support, and CSV export functionality.

Send From Emails

Our new send from emails feature allows companies to add and verify their own email address that can be used for sending Concord generated emails to your users (like auto-responses generated from Compliance Requests that are captured via Privacy Center). This includes:

  • Organization level email handling and endpoints added.
  • Handling for email bounces and complaints added.
  • Projects setup to use Concord Send From Email by default (
  • Updates to handle legacy send mail events in the queue.
  • Email verification for new Send From Emails added to Projects.
  • Added name to all Organization email events.
  • Enhancement to mail verification and custom templates.

Cross-Site Tracking

Our new cross-site tracking functionality allows for easy identity linking across different domains. This can be enabled or disabled per Project within the Site Config section.

CSV Exports

You can now easily export data from any of our reports/tables in the Admin UI to CSV. These exports support data exports for up to 10K records in the browser and future capability will include the ability to download larger data sets.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Updated notification email(s) at the project level to be optional now that granular user notification settings are available.
  • Added Brand ID alias support for consent events and compliance requests.
  • Undefined edit permissions issue fixed for certain user types.
  • Compliance Request status naming fix.
  • Count added for Compliance Request state changes.
  • Consent Events updated to return additional Consent Type details.
  • Rules updates that define when a Compliance Request resolution field can be set.
  • Fix to include checking permissions before redirecting the user to a notification.
  • Fix to cases where no summaries are found in the Reporting service.
  • Unnecessary CSS in the Privacy Center purged to reduce the bundle size.
  • Local date and time to the consent history modal in the Privacy Center.
  • Consent Type lookup issue in the Privacy Center fixed.
  • Issue with tooltips and modals not working in certain scenarios in the Privacy Center fixed.
  • Ability to merge two ConcordIDs specified by ID added.
  • Formatting and NaN issues on dashboard fixed.
  • Dashboard handling of missing monthly summaries fixed.
  • ToS link and ToS acceptance added to Sign Up page.
  • Background scrolling issue on iOS devices fixed.
  • Dashboard graph and menu navigation issues fixed.
  • Change to handle requests with previously merged identities.
  • Update to pass the Project ID to the compliance request email templates.
  • ProjectID added to the the account verification request.
  • Update to return state change count.
  • Added sort to get metrics endpoint.
  • Initialized hour summaries with Compliance Requests report counts.
  • Update to use input times to inform summarization on query summaries.
  • Fix to resolve issues related to aggregation of multiple Projects.
  • Corrected issue related to handling of count only notifications.
  • Updated sorting of Consent Events.
  • Enhancement to ignore www when checking Domain match.
  • Fixes to resolve trend issues on the dashboard.
  • Update to allow event handler permissions to SQS event queue.
  • Updated postProfile to include concordID from the request and projectUserId and UserId as aliases.
  • Support for organizational emails.
  • Updates to consentEvents and consentState to include consentType props (name, descriptions, url).
  • Fix for slow client library load times.
  • Updates to error handling.
  • Window.concord.contextId and window.concord.profile.getId() functions added to the Site Client Library.
  • Domain name added when creating an organization.
  • API key filters added to the Project and Organization queries.
  • API docs updates to reflect the latest API changes.
  • Functional updates to Custom Scripts.
  • Removed unnecessary filters on Consent State.