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April 27, 2021

Product Release: Initial Commercial Release, Notifications, & Reporting/Wizard Updates

Our first commercial platform release that also adds individual level notifications support, plus a number of additional reporting enhancements.

Commercial Release

The 2.0 release is our first full commercial platform release that includes our Privacy Center, our Admin UI, our Site API, our Privacy API, and all of our backend services.


Users now have full control over their individual in-app and email notification settings, including new daily and weekly notification options. This includes:

  • Initial release of user notifications, including granular notification settings for users.
  • Descriptions view for individual notifications in the Admin UI.
  • Notification handling and routing of notification links added.
  • New notifications table, including search filters and categories.
  • Footer added to the Notification template.
  • Notification service endpoints added.
  • Project name added to notifications.

Reporting & Wizard Updates

This release includes a number of important reporting updates and another new wizard to make setting up new projects even easier.

  • Workflow updates for editing compliance requests.
  • Wildcard characters now available in field searches.
  • Consent Event summary added to the Consent Events table.
  • Expandable Compliance Request summary added to Compliance table.
  • Sorting added to the Key Metrics report.
  • Search for custom subcategory support added to Consent Events report.
  • Shared date range filter added to reports.
  • Reports updated to display in UTC time.
  • Date handling updated to handle daylight savings time.
  • Zero entries added for all projects and all aggregation for Compliance Request states.
  • Enhancement for handling Projects with no Compliance Requests.
  • New Project setup wizard.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Fix to allow fetching of all organizations.
  • Fixed permission check on Project queries.
  • Improved validation checks, including domain validation.
  • Validation issues in multi-step wizards fixed.
  • Fix to allow for empty Custom Scripts and other Custom Script fixes.
  • Query summaries updated to return data from start to end of specified date range and to allow for a larger number of results (up to 10,000 in the Admin UI).
  • Archive button removed from archived projects.
  • Max length issues fixed.
  • Additional logging for query parameter validation errors added.
  • Phone number added to Profile form.
  • Identity merge functionality updated.
  • Archive Project functionality fixed.
  • Extended the Compliance Requests query endpoint to only return counts when needed.
  • Endpoints for Organization emails added.
  • Endpoint to get the Compliance Request state for a Project added.
  • Identity deletion support added.
  • Query support for Compliance Requests and Consent Events by ID.
  • Extend Consent and Compliance query functionality.
  • Update add Consent Event endpoint version handling.
  • Locked edit forms styling and behavior updates.
  • Project color updates.
  • Enhancement to use service-event-handler package.
  • Added service events to the Organization service.
  • Per environment event bus updates.