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March 2, 2021

Product Release: Reporting, Analytics, & API Docs

Large update to our reporting and analytics functionality, including our new dashboard and reporting widgets, plus the first version of our API docs site for developers.

Reporting & Analytics

This release includes a large upgrade to our consent and compliance reporting and analytics, including the following:

  • Initial dashboard reporting release, including Key Metrics and Compliance Requests widgets and reporting.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly summaries added to the reporting service, including caching.
  • New metrics endpoints for new reporting.
  • Initial charts and graphs framework for reporting.
  • Added sorting and filtering functionality to reports.

API Docs

Initial release of our Site API & Privacy API docs for use by developers, including our new API docs publishing and deployment flows.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Site client library caching.
  • Consent history item modal details, styling, and copy updates.
  • New permissions schema updates.
  • Other styling and copy improvements.
  • Upgraded date handling for compliance requests.
  • Extended consent and compliance queries.
  • Flow and styling updates.
  • Enhanced queries for consent and compliance objects.
  • User email issues fixed.
  • Consent type subcategories and labels validation improvements.
  • New locked edit form flow to provide an extra level of protection for important configuration updates.
  • Updated default privacy center widget header color and widget toggle button set to false by default.
  • Navigation updates, styling fixes, and updated state management.
  • API key updates and fixes.
  • Fixed filters on consent table.
  • Custom scripts updates and validation to better handle updates and errors, including null scenarios.
  • Sign in and OTP password fixes.
  • Standardized error messages and pass-through service errors.
  • API docs updates.
  • New date filters added to dashboard and reports.
  • Compliance requests verification fixes.
  • Mail service integration fixes.
  • Query limit updates.