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January 5, 2021

Product Release: Consent Type/Consent Event Enhancements & Setup Wizards

Improvements to our Consent Types and Consent Events functionality and our new easy-to-use setup wizards.

Consent Type & Consent Event Enhancements

Multiple improvements to Consent Types and Consent Events including:

  • Label field support within Consent Types (third level of the hierarchy after category and sub-category).
  • Consent Type table enhancements.
  • New organization level Consent Event endpoint.
  • Updates to add Consent Type.
  • Post Consent Events endpoint added to the Privacy API.
  • Added category, subcategory, and label to Consent Event endpoints.
  • Added Consent State endpoint.

Setup Wizards

We have added two new setup wizards to make it easier to setup and configure your Concord Organization via the Admin UI. This includes our new Organization wizard and our new Consent Types wizard today with more wizards to come in the future.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Support for archiving projects and organizations, including new views.
  • Responsive design updates.
  • Login and registration enhancements.
  • Additional validation for emails.
  • Usability updates to tables (expandable rows for additional info, standardized look/feel, etc.).
  • Standardized paging support to query responses.
  • Usability improvements for setting permissions.
  • Permission filters for Organizations and Projects and standardization of query result formats.
  • Fixes to add Project and add Organization functionality.
  • Usability updates to the Organizations table.
  • Enhancements to the Organization Summary view.
  • New organization level Compliance Request endpoint.
  • Project selector updates.
  • Projects table and add edit Project updates.
  • Updates to edit Project flows.
  • Updates to add and edit Domain options.
  • User and API key enhancements.
  • New simplified Data Vault option.
  • Support for notification emails.
  • Added ability to update email/phone aliases.
  • Retain merged identities with links to new identities.
  • Monitoring improvements for the Privacy API.
  • Discover profile updates to pass additional meta information (domain, user agent, etc.).