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November 20, 2020

Product Release: Custom Scripts, Domains/Session Service, & User Permissions/Roles

Custom script functionality to make it easy to make custom code changes, the initial version of of our domains functionality and session service, and user permissions and roles.

Custom Scripts

We have added a new powerful feature that allows our customers to add a custom script per project under the Site Config section. This enables custom JavaScript to be run automatically when our Site Client Library is loaded on a website, enabling customers to add any required custom code per Project within our Admin UI without requiring any code changes on the website end. This is typically used for capturing custom consent events and for changing how users access the Privacy Center.

Domains/Session Service

Domains can now be added at the Project level, ensuring that our code will only run on the domains that it is configured to run on, while also ensuring that consent events and compliance requests are only captured on those same domains. This goes hand in hand with our new session service that is used to support our domains functionality while also enabling additional data collection for reporting and analytics purposes.

User Permissions & Roles

User permissions have been upgraded to include role specific rights and access, with roles for Administrators, Editors, and Viewers. Administrators have access to everything in an Organization, Editors have full edit rights to the Projects they are associated with, and Viewers can simply view information for the Projects they have rights to.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Custom subcategories support.
  • Compliance request report fixes.
  • New mail templates added.
  • Updated dates to use a more readable format.
  • Consent table updates.
  • Ensure widget doesn't start loading until the config object has been set.
  • Added additional Organization and Project properties.
  • Updates to the logo and email notifications options in site config.
  • Added backdrop blur to Privacy Center.
  • Site configuration fixes.
  • Correct rendering of consent event category and subcategory.
  • Compliance request updates.
  • Fix issues with some implied consent events not being sent automatically.
  • Fixed disclosures and updated Privacy Center widget to allow for larger logos.
  • Small fixes for disclosures.
  • Show toggle button option added.
  • Naming change syncs with Consent and Organization services.
  • Name added to API Keys.
  • Dispatch calls from client fixed
  • Upgrades to support new mail queue.
  • Update to accept Concord ID and Project ID on create identity.
  • API endpoint fixes.
  • Consent events and compliance requests data retrieval updates.
  • Site config query and patch updates.
  • Database conversion.
  • Mail service fallbacks implemented.