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September 15, 2020

1.6 Release

New support for implied consent events, for use with implied consent scenarios (like privacy policy disclosures), and a refresh of our compliance requests functionality.

Implied Consent Events

Add support for implied consent events for automatically capturing consent events that are tied to implied consent scenarios (like privacy policy disclosures).

Compliance Requests Refresh

A refresh of compliance requests functionality, including:

  • Projects support.
  • Improved compliance request templates.
  • Endpoint updates and validation improvements.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Privacy Center logo settings configuration updates.
  • Services reorganization to make handlers more accessible.
  • Solve timing issue that could cause consent trigger checks to be skipped.
  • Consent events and consent history fixes.
  • Endpoint updates for compliance requests, consent events, API keys, and basic user management.
  • Fixes for identity by ID checks.
  • Navigation updates and enhancements.
  • Login and profile management improvements.