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July 21, 2020

Product Release: Admin UI & Privacy API

The 1st version of the Admin UI for configuration and reporting access as well as the new Privacy API, which provides secure authenticated access to the different Concord services.

Admin UI

The initial beta Admin UI release gives our clients access to organization configuration capabilities along with advanced reporting and analytics for captured consent event and compliance request data.

Privacy API

The first release of our Privacy API provides an authenticated API for secure access to organization configuration and reporting purposes. It is available for our clients to use when connecting Concord to their own tools and is also used with our own Admin UI.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Rollout of endpoints to support the Admin UI.
  • Project navigation in the Admin UI via the new projects selector.
  • New compliance requests report in the Admin UI.
  • New project settings options (Privacy Center widget logo and color plus notification email(s) configuration).
  • Various fixes for client fetching.
  • Removed API auth from the Site API.
  • Streamlined handler initialization and registration.
  • Validation handling updates for consent events queries.
  • Initial user permissions model and user endpoints added.
  • Internationalization groundwork and updates.
  • Additional methods and attributes for consent type URNs, including query support for category and type.
  • Get identity by alias endpoint updated to handle custom aliases.
  • Alias type checking updates.
  • Corrected project verify operations.
  • Added validate projects operation.
  • API key validation updates.
  • Corrected issues with start date filtering.