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May 26, 2020

Product Release: Site Client Library, Data Segmentation/Projects, & Reporting Service

The first version of the site client library for use on client websites, data segmentation/projects support, and the initial rollout of the reporting service.

Site Client Library

The initial beta release of the site client library provides a number of helper functions to make it easier for our clients to capture consent event on their websites.

Data Segmentation/Projects

Our new projects feature make it easy to segment consent data, compliance requests, and site configuration for different websites and applications.

Reporting Service

The first release of the reporting service, which is used for reporting and advanced analytics.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Revamp alias registration and validation, including standardization of alias field naming.
  • Ability to turn privacy center widget delivery on and off to reduce the bundle size when just using the client library.
  • Privacy center widget auto-disablement with bad configuration.
  • Formatting updates for consent event and identity attributes.
  • Schema validation updates.
  • Update to allow for reverified custom challenges.
  • Ability to suppress emails in verification requests.
  • Update to tab options config control.