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April 7, 2020

Product Release: Mail Service & Monitoring Service

Initial release of Concord’s mail and monitoring services for email handling and operational stability.

Mail Service

The new mail service provides robust templating and exception handling support for emails that are sent via Concord to our customers and our customer’s users.

Monitoring Service

The initial release of the monitoring service provides in-depth monitoring and alerting for all of the Concord services to ensure smooth operation for us and our customers.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Additional consent event endpoints added.
  • Consent service and vault service alarms added.
  • Improved logging in the vault controller.
  • Authentication initialization updates.
  • Site widget look and feel improvements.
  • Additional filtering for consent type URNs.
  • Logging improvements.
  • Get identity by alias return format updated.
  • New handlers to get current consent state.
  • Query support for multiple Concord IDs.
  • Consent events updated to use a two year default.
  • Improved data validation of endpoints.
  • Batch fetching capabilities added.