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October 22, 2019

Product Release: Initial Beta Release

The initial Concord beta release for early access customers that includes our consent service, organization service, authentication service, vault service, identity service, and Privacy Center site widget.

Initial Beta Release

The initial Concord beta release is our early access product that includes the following key services:

  • Consent Service: Capture and management of consent events and compliance requests.
  • Organization Service: Organizational management and setup. Will also be used in tandem with the future release of our Admin UI.
  • Authentication Service: Authentication across our services.
  • Vault Service: User profile management via our data vault technology.
  • Identity Service: Identity verification and merging of user profiles.
  • Site Widget: User facing Privacy Center for use on our customers' websites.

Other Fixes & Improvements  

  • Additional permissions added to the vault service.
  • Get identity endpoint fix.
  • Authorization checks added to identity endpoints.
  • Config loading functionality updated.
  • Widget serving updates.
  • Concord ID added to JWT claims.