Platform Overview

One platform for compliance and privacy-first data collection.

How It Works

The Concord platform helps companies get better data and engagement from their users by giving them the right sharing/preference controls as well as incentives to participate. This is a user-facing service that companies can easily add to their applications and websites. It enables regulatory compliance, richer customer profiles, sharing/preference controls, progressive profiling, and better user experiences.

Protect Your Company

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure You Are Compliant

GDPR, CCPA, and other coming legislation require not just consent but the ability for users to manage/change consent or the data itself. True compliance for companies is currently very expensive to develop and even more expensive to maintain. Our tools make this easy.

Powerful Audit Capabilities

Access Detailed Audit Data

Our consent feeds, APIs, and advanced reporting give companies access to current and historical consent events for internal reporting and compliance. We use the latest in blockchain/distributed ledger technology here to ensure there is decentralized protection related to those auditable events.


Receive Better Data

Easy Data & Preference Sharing

Get New & Improved Data

Our Data Vault technology provides a simple way for you to get access to additive and more up-to-date data from your users. People get better control and trust and you get access to data that you would not typically receive from them. We enable you to ask the right questions at the right time without overwhelming your users via our progressive profiling capabilities.

Powerful Integrations

Push Data To Existing Systems

We know that the right solution needs to support existing technology investments that you have made for marketing, personalization, etc. You also need a solution that can help you with data cleanliness, accuracy, and recency. Our solution does both by providing an easy way for you to feed consent based data into CRMs, CDPs, and other data solutions.


Increase User Engagement

Better User Experiences

Quickly Build More Loyalty

When users choose to engage with your company, Concord makes it easy to provide better experiences to your users via personalization. This enables higher engagement, decreased opt-outs and drop-offs, and increased trust and loyalty from your users..

Flexible Custom Incentives

Customize How You Reward Users

We also provide a number of more advanced and custom incentive options for you to add should you like. These options promote additional data sharing and engagement and include coupons, cashable points, and integrations with existing loyalty programs.

Ready for protection & better data?

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