Managing Compliance Requests

This guide shows you how to easily handle user submitted Compliance Requests.

When your users submit Compliance Requests, your team will need to work on and finalize those requests in a timely fashion. You can easily handle these requests within Concord in the Compliance Request reporting section by selecting and editing an individual request. We recommend that organizations make careful and accurate use of this functionality in order to ensure seamless and error-free compliance with applicable regulations. To learn more about using Compliance Request reports, refer to this article: Compliance Request Reports

Managing & Fulfilling a Compliance Request

1. Click on the Reports drop-down menu and choose Compliance Requests.

2. Click on the Edit button to the right of the Compliance Request you would like to edit.


  • Compliance Requests can only be edited once the user has verified their identity and the request status has moved to the “Submitted” state.
  • When a request’s status is changed, this is displayed to the user in the Privacy Center widget.

3. To change the status of the request, click Mark as Acknowledged.

4. Once the request has been acknowledged, you may add any Internal Notes regarding this status change. These are not shown or sent to the user and are for internal use only.

5. Insert details regarding the actions taken to resolve the user’s request under Resolution. When a Compliance Request is resolved, these details will be included in a resolution notification email to the user. Concord recommends consistent language here to avoid confusion and proper governance is highly encouraged to ensure effective regulatory compliance. If your organization requires assistance establishing best practices like governance, speak to your Concord representative about our available services.

6. If your Project has active Data Systems, you will also see a Data System Tasks section within the Edit Compliance Request workflow and any Data Systems that were active when the Compliance Request was received will have an associated Task that needs to be completed. To resolve the Compliance Request, complete and mark each Task as completed. We also recommend adding the details for each completed Task to the Resolution field. Once all Tasks are complete and checked off, the request can be resolved by clicking Mark as Resolved.