Privacy Center Site Widget: Widget Options

A step-by-step guide to configuring the Privacy Center site widget options.

Widget Options

You may have configured the Concord Privacy Center site widget when you configured your first Project. If not, you can configure it by clicking on Project Settings → Site Config. You will see the tabs for Widget Options, Logo, Header Color, Custom Script, and Embed Code in this administrative module.

Widget Options: Click on the Edit button to access the toggle buttons seen here.

  • Enabled: Toggling this on or off will enable the Privacy Center site widget on your website. When this is disabled, automatic consents and custom code will run as expected, but the Privacy Center will be unavailable.
  • Show Toggle Button: Toggling this on or off will show or hide the widget toggle button on your website when the widget is not visible.
  • Consent History Panel: Toggling this on or off will show or hide the Consent History Panel within the widget. This panel shows a history of the user’s individual consent events.

Next Step: Upload a Logo & Set Color


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