Privacy Center Site Widget: Logo & Color

A step-by-step guide to configuring the color and logo of the Privacy Center site widget.


Upload your company logo to be shown in the widget.

1. Click Edit.

2. Click on the logo icon and navigate to your saved logo file.

  • Logo file size is limited 512KB.
  • Logos are restricted to .png formats.
  • There are no height or width restrictions, but logos are resized in the widget to a max-height of 40px so 40px is the preferred height.

3. Click Save.

Header Color

Choose a color that will be used for your website widget.

1. Click Edit.

  • You can either choose a preexisting color by clicking on any of the default colors shown or you can input a Hexadecimal color value (for example: “#22194D”).
  • If you do not know the proper Hexadecimal color value for your desired branding, you may search online for “hexadecimal color picker” to find free tools for choosing a color and finding its hexadecimal value.

Click Save.

Next Step: Add Custom Scripts


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