Implementation Overview

A short overview of the implementation and configuration process, with links to step-by-step instructions for each part of the process.

Quick Start

This quick start guide will help you configure and deploy the Concord Consent & Compliance solution to your website.

Concord recommends a simple and straightforward five-step workflow for deploying the Concord Consent & Compliance solution:

1. Decide how many Projects you require for deployment (typically one per website).

2. Configure consent types with Categories, Sub-Categories, and Labels.

    Article: Quick Start: Basic Website Consent

    Article: Creating Consent Types

3. Configure the Privacy Center website widget (optional).

    Article: Privacy Center Site Widget: Widget Options

    Article: Privacy Center Site Widget: Logo & Color

    Article: Privacy Center Site Widget: Custom Scripts

4. Add additional users.

    Article: User Management

5. Deploy the Embed Code to your site.

    Article: Privacy Center Site Widget: Embed Code

6. Testing and QA.


  • Quick Start: Creating Projects
  • Quick Start Guide: User Roles