Why Concord Consent & Compliance

Concord’s Consent and Compliance is a cost-effective solution that bridges the gap between capturing the data that organizations need and providing the privacy and control that people, and regulation, demand.

Overview of the Solution

Concord’s experienced team of privacy experts deliver an easy to implement solution in the form of a website plugin/widget that gives companies the features they need to comply with the fast-growing list of regional, national, and international regulations related to data privacy.

The solution gives people the ability to see what they have consented to regarding the collection and use of their information and offers them control over the use of their personal data. This allows companies to comply with regulations while building trust and transparency with their consumers by demonstrating a commitment to privacy.

The Dilemma: Regulatory Compliance and User Engagement

Consumer trust in companies' ability to safely handle personal information and protect their online privacy is at an all-time low. It’s no wonder- data breaches large and small occur on a near-daily basis, highlighting the privacy violations carried out by businesses lacking modern privacy programs and transparency. As a result, consumers have become less likely to engage, often offering false data where they can, and adopting numerous ad-blocking tools to curb collection of their data.

Government agencies, meanwhile, have begun taking action to enact regulations designed to protect users' data privacy online.

For more information on Regulation and an explanation of consent and regulation required features read more here.

Concord’s Consent and Compliance solution helps resolve the dilemma in a way that satisfies regulation and at the same time fulfills the data needs of sales and marketing.

Reduce Cost, Resources, and Risk

We help brands modernize their data collection practice for regulation compliance using privacy-by-design experiences for websites and applications. Updating an organization’s data practice allows companies to adhere to today’s modern data compliance standards with our regulation-compliant privacy and consent features.

The risk of non-compliance is an increasingly expensive problem to resolve. Concord’s consent management and compliance tools enable companies to avoid the legal peril of current and future legislation while also building trust with their users.

Concord Means Agreement

What does “Concord” mean and why is it relevant to the data dilemma of data privacy? Concord means “Agreement or harmony between individuals or groups.” We understand the needs of organizations to adapt to a big data industry. We also understand that to do so ethically it means bringing trust and transparency to people. Serving both groups isn’t an either/or situation, it benefits both sides.

We understand the need for establishing data privacy, ownership, and control as indisputable rights. We acknowledge the need for brands to remain compliant as more and more regulation governs the use of this data. Perhaps most importantly, we recognize the opportunity that exists where the two overlap and we have developed the platform to benefit both people and the brands they engage with.

Benefits of Using Concord Consent & Compliance.

Give people controls that are compliant with current and future data privacy regulations.
Build trust and loyalty with your users to drive higher engagement and more opt-ins.

Easy Consent Capture

Concord Consent & Compliance automatically captures consent for any type of data or request, from cookie consent to terms of service to other types of consent (3rd party tools, HR activities, etc.). Consent events are stored using our secure data vault technology so there is a single source of truth.

Our consent feeds and reporting APIs give organizations quick access to current and historical consent events for internal reporting, audits, and compliance purposes. We use the latest in blockchain/distributed ledger technology to ensure that there is an immutable proof of consent.

Straightforward Privacy Rights and Consent History

Users can quickly see their data privacy options and what they have consented to, what information is being collected, and how it is being used, including easy access to your privacy disclosures for additional peace of mind. This level of transparency ensures that real trust is established, leading to higher quality customer engagement and fewer opt-outs and drop-offs.

Simple Setup & Cross-Device Support

Our clean and customizable user experience can be added with a single line of javascript or embedded as you see fit. Our identity service and anonymous to known user stitching is also included, so that consent events are linked to the right people across devices.

Compliance-Ready Controls

Regulatory compliance requires more than updated privacy policies and cookie consent popups. People also have the right to change consent and to make requests like getting a copy of or editing/deleting their data. Concord’s solution streamlines this process by validating customer data subject data requests (DSARs) before they reach customer service, reducing the time and cost of resolving. When requests are received, we provide email or phone verification to ensure they are valid prior to delivering the full requests.

Ensuring Regulatory & Compliance Standards
The ever-growing list of regional, national, and international data privacy laws requires constant monitoring. Concord’s experienced team of privacy experts continually assesses the requirements needed for compliance with current and future regulations, ensuring your company’s privacy program is where it needs to be.

What's in the Consent & Compliance solution?

Website add-in

Concord has created a website add-in that will display privacy policy links, disclosures, data subject access request features, and even a history of consent for the current person browsing.

Organizations can configure and customize their own add-in within the Concord Administration console. Adding the privacy website add-in is then as simple as a single include statement in the website html. Most sites will invoke this experience through a button or "Privacy Policy" link.

Consent request builder and administration

Concord's administration UI allows orgs to create projects (specific configuration information for a website, multiple websites and/or applications) and define the consent events and related details that are available for the project.

For example, a website will add the link to their existing privacy policies, and data use disclosures, which will then be associated with the consent event for anyone that visits the site. Additional consent events can also be triggered when people share personal information like an email address in a signup form or agree to the terms of a 3rd party payment processing service.

All of this configuration personalizes the website add-in as well as feeds data into the Consent API for developers to automate opt-outs or website personalization features based on the consent of each individual user.

Consent network javascript library

Developers can easily build their own experiences rather than using Concord's website add-in. Invoking a current site visitor's consent state for any or all opt-ins.

Methods are available for typical features such as returning a list of all available consents and opt-ins, get/set functions, etc.

Consent API and Integrations

Concord also provides an authenticated API that allows developers to access/edit a current person's consent or to manage all users' data, as well as export consent histories or other data.

The Concord API is most frequently used for integrations with CRM and Marketing automation cloud solutions.

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