Adding the Website Privacy Widget

This document describes how to use Concord's website Privacy widget, customization options, and instructions on implementing the widget using your personalized javascript tag.

What is the Website Privacy Widget?

Concord's Consent and Compliance solution includes an easy to configure and implement website add-in that adds features typically required by regulation. For example, under California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) organizations that qualify, even ones that do business in the state but are based outside of California, are required to give people the option to request a full copy of their data. These features are sometimes referred to as digital subject access requests or simply data access requests (DSAR's or DAR's).

More information on compliance, specific requirements and DSARs can be found here.

Unique to the industry, the Concord website widget also creates a common interface that allows people to see, in one place, their history of consent with a particular site or organization.

While most websites have some form of regulation that they must comply with, Concord has found that everyone benefits from giving people transparency and control into their data sharing and use. It builds trust and in a market where trust is premium value, brands can increase their engagement and customer satisfaction through simple steps.

More information on the specific features and benefits of Concord's Consent and Privacy solution such as automated identity verification for data access requests can be found here.

The widget includes privacy disclosures, consent history and DSAR features.

Configuring the Privacy Widget

Options for personalizing the widget

The privacy widget can be styled to match an organizations preferred colors and logo.

The widget will also include the links to the website privacy policy and any other disclosures that some websites provide such as additional information on how data is collected or specific accommodations for CCPA, GDPR or other regulations.

Title and Naming

Adding Privacy Policy and other Disclosures

Upload Logo

Setting Primary Color to Match Website

Adding the Privacy Widget to a Website

Each customized widget has a unique javascript code for adding it to a website.

Note that more than one widget can be created by using the "Projects" feature. Typically websites or applications that have different policies or settings will be in different projects.

More information on creating Projects can be found here.

Javascript Include Code to Configured Widget